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4th Apr 2013
Introducing our new Freakdance label DJ, Ain-Soph from Belgium!

[listen the mixtape]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Luomuhappo - Festareilla vol 2

When remarkable men meet a track from Luomuhappo's
"Pallit ja Sielu" album, this is what happens.


Luomuhappo's cassette-only classic now available for download in MP3 format! (The hidden song from the cassette version is not included.)

LIVE SET: Huopatossu Mononen vs. Egosentrifug

A classic live set from the grand-bazooka of suomisaundi. Can this Colin "Bomber" Harris of Finland defeat himself in an all-out spugedelic wrestling match? You decide.

Recorded live at BLUE ROOM / VR-MAKASIINIT, Helsinki, Finland on November 29, 2003. 128kbps MP3, 75.7MB. Click here to download as mp3. Tracklist here.

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